My intention as an artist is to provoke to both myself and the others a critical reflection upon contemporary culture and art itself. I hope my works wake up the curator that lives inside ourselves.

Gisela Nunes is a media artist with a background in design and multimedia studies, who focuses on interactive new media art.

Her practice explores the object, the device and audience participation to present live experiences. While project themes may be various, real time processing, augmented reality and synthesized sound and images make up the backdrop to her work.

In recent years she exhibited at venues as Art & Science 2016 European Digital Art and Science Network (Serbia), Ars Electronica Festival 2015 (Austria), Yicca 2014 Winners Exhibition (Switzerland) and 2012 Guimarães European Capital of Culture (Portugal)


Attending MA "Technology and Digital Art" - University of Minho - Guimarães (Portugal)

Exchange student at MA "Interface Culture" - Linz University of Arts - Linz (Austria)

Postgraduation in "Digital Design" - School of Arts - Catholic University of Portugal - Porto (Portugal)

Graduation in BA "Multimedia Arts" - ESAG - Guimarães Higher Artistic School - Guimarães (Portugal)


  • 2019

32. STUTTGARTER FILMWINTER - Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart (Germany), 17 to 22 January - Expanded Media Exhibition - Competition Network Culture - curatorship: Wand 5 e.V.

  • 2018

FILE FESTIVAL, São Paulo (Brazil), 3 July to an indeterminate time - FILEonline Media Art Exhibition - curatorship: FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

  • 2017

THE WRONG - NEW DIGITAL ART BIENNALE, Online + Toluca (Mexico), 14 to 19 November - ANTImateria's Empty Vessels || Vulnerable Bodies Embassy - curatorship: Doreen A. Ríos

LUNCHMEAT FESTIVAL, Prague (Czech Republic), 29 July to 5 August - Lumiwall Gallery - curatorship: Kateřina Blahutova

  • 2016

ART & SCIENCE, Belgrade (Serbia), 7 to 27 April - European Digital Art and Science Network Exhibition - curatorship: Center for the Promotion of Science

  • 2015

ARS ELECTRONICA 2015, Linz (Austria), 3 to 7 September - Post-Post Interface Culture Exhibition - curatorship: Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Michaela Ortner, Reinhard Gupfinger

  • 2014

YICCA 2014, Lugano (Switzerland) 20 November to 11 December - International Contest of Contemporary Art Winner’s Exhibition - Yicca 2014 Jury: Irene Aristizábal, Leigh Markopoulos, David Ayala-Alfonso, Carlotta Zarattini, Breda Skrjanec

FORUM OF THE FUTURE, Porto (Portugal) 27 to 30 November - Art/Interact Digital Art and Performance - curatorship: Balleteatro/Engagelab

JUNO ART GALLERY, Braga (Portugal) 18 to 30 June - curatorship: Alexandre Cristóvam

  • 2013

GNRATION ON, Braga (Portugal) 30 April to 5 May - Digital Art Exhibition - curatorship: LCD -Laboratório de Criação Digital

  • 2012

2012 GUIMARÃES EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE, Guimarães (Portugal) 21 and 22 July - CAAA (Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura) - curatorship: LCD - Laboratório de Criação Digital


  • 2014

YICCA 2014 International Contest of Contemporary Art - Selection/curatorship: Irene Aristizábal, Leigh Markopoulos, David Ayala-Alfonso, Carlotta Zarattini, Breda Skrjanec. - Organized by Yicca 2014 and exhibited at “Synergia Foundation” in Lugano CH.