between graphic elements, sounds and interaction

The audiovisual narrative starts from the center of the screen, called "sonar" due to being the space where the user behaviour is reflected, affecting all the graphic and sound simulation. The user interferes with this world, by changing some parameters made available through the interface. Therefore, the generated sound and images will be, for each person, an unique composition of his/her own.



oxHIT is an interactive generative art project, exploring an interplay between graphic elements, sounds and user interaction. The simulation is based upon a rigid body dynamics, with associated physical properties, like gravitation. These affect both the movement and colours of graphic elements and the sounds, which are computationally generated, according to the simulation, and completely synchronized with it.

A version for Reactable Live was also developed, using a Disklavier Piano for sound output.


Processing, using the JBox2D and JavaSound libraries


The user can control gravity, the number of chains of balls added or removed and choose up to 6 sound instruments to play


Jorge Cardoso & colleagues Sara Sampaio and Flávio Maia