tore the curtains down, take your time
let the dark in, make a sound

Sounds can be made by vibrating any object. Depending upon the material properties an object is made of, they all have a natural frequency or set of frequencies at which they vibrate,
when struck, strummed or somehow disturbed.
Soft materials, like curtains or carpet, can be used to control the transmission, reflection and absorption of sound.



A kind of curtain made of many stripes is visualized and sounds are produced when its stripes collide. These collisions are caused by the user, by attracting the extremities of the stripes in the mouse pointer direction. A rigid body simulation is performed, involving some properties such as gravitation, to calculate the curtain movement. Sounds are also generated computationally, according to the simulation.


Processing+JBox2D library+JavaSound library to sound MIDI


While the mouse or trackpad is pressed attracts the tip of blinds that are displaced in the direction of the mouse