.the sound of discontent.

protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York and the Indignants in Madrid have spread to cities around the world

Following on from Wall Street and Spain demonstrations there have been hundreds of protests worldwide, mostly in 2011, intended and organized as non-violent protest.
Based on "The map of the Occupy world", published by The Guardian on the one-year anniversary of the movement (September 17, 2012), a brief timeline is presented with numbers and sound of the Occupy Movement data protests around the world.



The project visualises the number of protests along the timeline.
Charts present numbers, by continent, and the number of countries and cities where protests occurred. The cumulative numbers along time can also be seen.
One can interact either in a "play" mode, or by dragging the current time along the time window. When in play mode sounds are produced according to data as the timeline is traversed. A sound is produced for each continent, for each day (volume), the number of countries (duration), and both the continent and the number of cities (frequency).


HTML+CSS+Javascript, using the D3 library and the Web Audio API for the sound


Press the play button or drag the current time along the time window

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